Í samhengi við stjörnurnar / Constellations by Nick Payne

Every decision leads to infinite possibilities and one path can rule out another.


María and Ragnar meet up at a mutual friends’ barbecue and they start connecting to each other.

And that’s the end of that, except if the go for a pint afterwards? They might spend a night, or a whole life together. 

The play Í samhengi við stjörnurnar (English: Constellations) by Nick Payne had its Icelandic premiere in Tjarnarbíó last May and received praise from both critics and audience members alike. It will be shown again in the autumn as well as touring around the country. 

The author Nick Payne draws inspirations from laws of quantum physics and the theory of relativity for his script. 


Actors Birgitta Birgisdóttir og Hilmir Jensson

Director and translation by Árni Kristjánsson

Design Þórunn María Jónsdóttir

Original music Harpa Fönn Sigurjónsdóttir

Technical design Hafliði Emil Barðason

Assistant director Ólafur Ásgeirsson

Constellations by Nick Payne presented by arrangement with Nordiska ApS - Copenhagen

Main sponsors Gamma og Reykjavíkurborg 

Other supporters Mennta- og menningarmálaráðuneytið, Sóknaráætlun Vesturlands og Austurlands og Guðjón Ó


Pictures taken by Julie Rowland